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Two of a Kind
Theyʼre wombmates. Theyʼre soulmates. And now theyʼre facing a shocking development that threatens to tear apart their unbreakable bond. In Two of A Kind, director Leora Eisen gives us an insider perspective on the exclusive world of identical twins.
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From her unique perspective as an identical twin, director Leora Eisen draws on the fascinating life experiences she shares with sister Linda to explore fundamental questions of identity, genetic destiny, and our desire to be recognized as individuals. What happens to “me” when you are one half of “we”? While many documentaries focus only on twinsʼ similarities, “Two of a Kind” also delves into the differences that separate natureʼs clones, revealing intriguing research that could prove to be the key to unlocking medical mysteries.

Directed by Leora Eisen. For CBC's The Nature of Things and feature film version for doc channel.

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    Lena Macdonald
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